Flood Map Tool

Flood Management Planning Tool

Maximizing the Potential of the Map

The FLOODMAPTOOL has been meticulously designed to allow the determination of flood risk level at a particular place of interest by a fingertip. This pilot study covers 5 Sangkats in Phnom Penh and contains 23 analytical scenarios including climate changes. To fully utilize the tool, please familiarize yourself with the instructions below, detailing the significance of each map icon.

Full Screen

Enter fullscreen mode give you wider view and enhanced convenience, particularly on compact screens such as mobile phones.


Move hover to see Sangkat's name, click this icon to navigate to the Sangkat's location.

Your Live Location

Find your live location by turn on this (blue icon), turn it back off (gray) to have smooth experience when navigate to Sangkat's location.


Use two fingers to zoom the map, and move the map by one finger.

Want to join us to make urban poor communities more resilient to urban flood disaster!

We welcome your feedback to improve the Flood Management Planning Tool and to make it a better tool for urban flood risk management at community level.